January 02, 2019

      Happy New Year, 2019!


      As we are in the 2nd day thus far in January of 2019, the time is NOW for all to start enjoying and exploring this amazing planet.  The new year of 2019 has really opened a lot of eyes for one and all to head out their door and see what's outside.  Arks Voyage started in 2018 so it has been 1 year thus far; a journey and amazing experience giving ideas and connecting each and everyone of us stronger through a method of traveling to various destinations.

      From ancient temples throughout Southeast Asia, the Pyramids in Egypt, rainforests throughout the Amazon area, Costa Rica, Japan with their cherry blossom season, Iceland, Europe, tropical islands throughout the planet, there is a place for everyone to enjoy.  Exploring is one of our key elements in living.  We explore as we head to work, go to school, read to explore the imagination, fly to explore a far destination and it's truly exciting and a euphoric experience to capture live.

      A lot are about "likes" or "hearts" for Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms, but this year, instead of focusing and seeing an amazing destination or excursion through a screen of any size, capture that moment live to share as a story with family and friends so they can feel the excitement through your voice.  This year forward, the TIME is NOW for YOU to enjoy and capture an experience you desire to share.  Contact us today to start your journey. #travel #adventures #journey #2019 #happynewyear #experiences #luxury #arksvoyage


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