January 12, 2019

      Oh, where to Roam???


      In the animal kingdom, one will always roam around for various reasons; new locations, adventure, new zen of living, seasonal change, etc.  No matter what or why one will move or travel to a new destination, it's always at least one of many answers = the experience!

      As it's a new year, it's a great time to start planning and getting ready for the top destinations to travel in 2019.  A lot of times we ask people where do you want  to travel but the real question is, where do we not want to travel?  The latter question will be nowhere because there are so many places to visit, each with a very special experience to share and cherish.

      Check out PlanetWare's 15 best places to visit in United States

      Throughout the entire year, there is a destination awaiting to be visited during its prime season.  Some of the top picks for the southern hemisphere are: Chile, Australia, New Zealand South Africa to name a few.  Some destinations that were involved with a heavy disaster of some-sort are starting to come back ready for more tourism like Puerto Rico, California, and Egypt.

      Arks Voyage created a list of the best places to visit.  Starting domestically with the United States, some great places are the following:

      • Las Vegas, Nevada
        • Whether you are into gambling, seeing amazing shows, the insane nightlife, Las Vegas has something for everyone
      • Los Angeles, California
        • Los Angeles is such a large city where you can enjoy all 4 seasons nearly in one city.  We have the beach, mountains, desert, and city life with amazing National Parks such as Yosemite.
      • New York
        • New York is an amazing spot for nightlife, broadway shows, legendary Time Square, and Statue of Liberty
      • Miami, Florida
        • For refreshing drinks while lounging on the beach, to the diversity of food, beautiful people all around, who wouldn't want to explore Miami?
      • Denver, Colorado
        • Nature lovers, this is the ideal place to visit.  Winter season is a SUPER treat with the amazing snow, mountains, trees, it's a genuine place.
      • Boston
        • For those whom love history and to visit one of the original colonies of the United States, Boston is a fantastic choice.
      • Hawaii
        • To get the tropical escape and not travel for a really long time, Hawaii is the winner.  Variety of islands, each with a different experience to enjoy.

      Canada also has some epic visiting sites to see.  In Alberta, Canada, there is an architectural icon (soon to be) Snøhetta and DIALOG-designed Calgary Central Library.  It has 460 white hexagonal panels and is unique both inside and outside.  Another highlight, according to Travel+Leisure is the Kananaskis Nordic Spa.  This spa has hydrotherapy pools with salt exfoliation, eucalyptus steam rooms, located within the rockies for a tranquil experience for rejuvenation.

      Look at TourOpia for their top places to visit in Canada!

      Niagara Falls is another iconic natural attraction.  The Horseshoe Falls dropping a tremendous amount of water over 188 feet up to 68mph, you can feel the power that is generated.  Quebec City has a splash of European influence with its 17th and 18th century buildings is honored as being a UNESCO World Heritage.  There are scents of fresh baked bread, espresso, cobblestone roads, this is a place to visit if you want to see the Canadian European city.

      To have a feeling as if you are in France, Quebec is a French blend, known as Francophone Culture.  First French settlers survived the era of British rule, has characteristics of French culture.  French is the primary language, colorful French accents, "joie de vivre," culinary traditions such as:  cretons, baked beans (fèves au lard), pea soup (pâtè à la viande) to name a few.  To learn more about the official history of why Quebec is the primary French Canada, check out the in-depth explanation at Culture Trip.

      Stay tuned for the next Blog on Top Places for International Destinations!


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