October 24, 2018

      Small towns as a Resort?


      Nowadays, lots of hotels are becoming 'mini worlds' I like to call them.  Each has it's unique style both design wise and interior decorated.  There is a location in Switzerland that is planning this very idea.  The village is called Corippo, it's located in the Italian-speaking region of Ticino.  There is a lot of character, history, and local flavor.

      Learn the history of Corippo

      The population has decreased tremendously, it was around 300 before, but currently it's around 12 and 11 out of 12 is older than 65 according to CNN.  If those 11 decided to leave or all 12 rather, it will be a ghost town.  In July of 2018, officials gave a local charity, Fondazione Corippo 1975, giving authorization to transform 30 of the village's buildings into a hotel complex.

      The initial idea came from "scattered hotels" in several Italian villages.  Roughly $2.7 million was raised to start the transformation.  They are hoping tourists will come by to re-vamp the exposure of this beautiful town.  Casa Arcotta is a small cottage, first to open and the rest of the hotels/village will be available around Easter of 2020.

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