January 07, 2019

      Want to be on time?  Fly with Delta!


      The most fear people have when flying is when they have connected flights, especially with a short window.  What happens if the plane leave 15 minutes late and you have one of those connecting flights where you will BARELY make it???  Well, most of the time, it's a gamble which is why it's always best to have a layover of about 2 hours because most likely you won't miss it.

      If you are one of those fliers that prefer a short layover, then a recommendation is to fly with Delta Airlines.  According to FlightGlobal, an aviation data company, awarded Delta as the most punctual airlines in the world from its On-Time Performance Service (OPS) Awards.  Delta measures top carriers in the US and roughly 86.09% of Delta flights arrived on time in 2018, measured where it arrive at the gate within a 15-minute window.  Delta is a quality airline providing punctual services for quite some time.  With an 86% prompt with time, it slightly grew 0.19% from 2017 which shows consistency.

      Follow ups were the following:

      • 2nd place = Qatar Airways at 85.88%
      • 3rd place = KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 85.04%

      For budget airlines, here are the top 3:

      • 1st place = Azul = 86.47%
      • 2nd place = Iberia Express = 86.47%
      • 3rd place = Spirit Airlines = 82.04%

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