November 12, 2018



      Global warming is a real issue that is taking place.  There are those that say it's not true but there are facts to show otherwise.  When you have rivers drying up, icebergs breaking apart, animal life struggling from the norm of the seasons getting food, record breaking heat waves AND cold waves, let's say that yes, this planet is shifting.

      California is going through a very hard second years in a row with wildfires.  Last year was La Tuna Canyon and quite a few others that started at the same time roughly.  This year, in 2018, Woolsey seems to be the King of Wildfires.  It has burning over 91,000 acres and destroyed over 300 homes including some old structures that is really hard to replace.  On Thursday it was growing so fast, it was burning a football field every second.

      That is why I decided to write a blog about mother nature and how we need to respect this planet.  There are solutions to help clean the air, make things simpler to avoid hurting our only home.  We are searching for the methods of living conditions on other planets or planets moons but the fact is, Earth is our home.

      It will take a major test of "survival of the fittest" to move to another planet, let alone surviving the route and TIME to get there.  Even if we travel the speed of light, which is 670,616,629 miles per hour, it would take possibly YEARS to arrive.  To travel that fast would be unreal experience and will take many generations before we can adapt surviving living 'elsewhere.'

      Before our planet is fully scorched covered in ashes and the beauty is inverted until time heals, let's cherish and work together in making it better and cleaner so we can see the true beauty of our planet.  CNN reported there are utility companies that are being investigated as they may be the cause of the wildfire.  There is not any solid proof yet but there were some issues with equipment and were told to solve them immediately just before the fires broke out in the same area.

      Thank you California firefighters for fighting this alive element that is consuming our fields and properties. #fire #woosley #firefighters #bravery #savetheplanet #globalwarming #travel